The Spartan Sports Poker Table Top: Great Features Make this a Good Purchase

Any recreational poker player knows that a game of poker is much more enjoyable when it is played on a decent poker table. It is very nice to have chip holders and drink holders when playing to keep everything organized. One thing that I’ve found to be extremely useful is the Spartan Sports Poker Table Top. Instead of having to buy a whole new poker table, you can simply buy this table top and put it over any existing table that you already have, as long as it fits, of course. My main concern with buying a poker table was the cost, and I’ve found that the table top version that Spartan makes is a much better alternative for me, as it serves my purposes perfectly, and is very well priced and is easily affordable on any budget.
The table itself has eight place settings, so you can play with a fairly large number of people. Obviously you may not always need that many place settings, but in my experience it is always better to have too many places instead of too few. It’s not fun having to make people sit out because the table is not large enough for everyone, so be sure to get one with a few extra spaces, you never know who might want to play. Each place setting on the poker table has places for each player’s poker chips and a drink holder, so that you and your guests will have a safe place to rest your beverages, without the fear of damaging your table.

Another nice feature that the table has is the ability to fold in half for easy transportation. It comes with its own carrying bag, so you can take it from place to place very easily. The whole thing can be set back up again in under five minutes, so it is not a big deal if you decide to have poker night at somebody else’s house.

I really like the table because not only does it work very well, but it is relatively cheap compared to some of the related poker table tops. is currently selling the Spartan Sports brand one for only $29.96, so obviously it will not be a very big bank breaker, and it makes those poker nights much more enjoyable. Overall, I’d recommend picking one up, even if you are not a regular poker player, but enjoy a game every now and then with friends.


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