Product Review: Gregory Advent Pro Hiking Backpack


When I made the move from normal backpacking to lightweight backpacking, the first thing I did was sell my old 7 pound pack and start looking for a new one. There were literally hundreds of choices out there, ranging from $500 packs under a pound, to more reasonable packs around $100.
Ultimately I decided to purchase the Gregory Advent Pro for $150 from Bass Pro. At the time, I couldn’t find any reviews online and the salesman didn’t really know too much about the pack. However, I tested it out at the store and it fit so nice I had to have it.

I ended up buying the large version of the pack (I suggest you by through¬†¬†which is 2,400 cubic inches and 2 pounds 8 ounces. The change from a 7 pound pack to a pack under 3 pounds was fantastic. Imagine driving around in an old pickup truck for years and then trading it in for a shiny new sports car. It’s lighter, faster, and just feels better.

The pack is made from a fabric that Gregory calls their “G fabric”. At first it seems rather thin like paper, and actually I thought there was no way it would last a year. However, a brochure attached to the pack proclaimed that the “G fabric” was a silicone impregnated, 30 denier fabric that was not only ultra-lightweight, but tear resistant.

Gregory designed the pack for adventure racers, but it just so happens that it was perfect for me. Unlike other packs which only have a single point of entry at the top, the Advent Pro has a ton of entry points. Gone are the days of pulling everything out of your pack to find something at the bottom. It’s nice design allows you to open it from the top, sides, and bottom.

During the majority of my trips, the Advent Pro has been packed with about 20 pounds of equipment. On a few occasions it may have had closer to 30 pounds, which is the “comfort zone” level that Gregory recommends you stay below when using the pack.

In short, the Gregory Advent Pro backpack is the most comfortable backpack I have ever owned. The padded shoulder straps and waistbelt make it easy to carry the pack for days and never have a sore shoulder or hip.

It’s now been more than a year since I first bought the Gregory Advent Pro and I don’t regret my purchase one bit. In fact, if something were to happen to the pack I have now, I would go right out and buy it again. This pack does not disappoint on any level.

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