3D Web Page Buttons Tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how to use the 3D Web Buttons program. I don’t care much for this program but if you are new to web design then this program will probably help you out. 3D Web Buttons is kind of a basic program with not many options. You can download 3D Web Buttons from tucows if you don’t already have it. This program is only a couple of megabytes big so it will not take long to download it and it will not take up much room on your computer.
Now I will show you how to create a button in 3D Web Buttons. Open your 3D Web Buttons program and let it load. A window will come up with three buttons at the bottom. Click the OK button to proceed. Next, you will see a white screen with options at the bottom of the window.

The first step to creating your button is typing what you want to appear on the button. Down at the bottom of your screen you will see a place for you to type. Type what you want on your button in that field. Then click the Font button next to it to change the font options.

Click the second tab which is the Backgrounds tab. Click the Color Selection button and change the background to the color that you want. This will be the color of your webpage.

Click on the third tab to change the color of your text on the button. You can also apply a texture to your text. Click on the Texture button to apply a texture to the text.

The next tab is the Button Color tab. This tab will change the look of your button. You can make your button a solid color or you can apply a texture to it. Click on the button of your choice.

The next tab, the Caption Tune up tab, will allow you to change the look of your text on the button. Move the bars back and forth to change the look of your text.

Tab 6 is where you can change the shape of the button. Click on that tab and then click on the Button Shape button. A window of buttons will come up and you can select the button shape that you want. Moving the bars in that tab will also change the look of the button.

Tab 7 will change the brightness of the button. You can also change the color of the brightness. Tab 8 is where you will link your button. Type in the link for your button in the field provided.

Under tab 9 you can choose to create a rollover for this button. Under tab 10 you can set the size of the button. The button in your big window is enlarged so that you can see the details of the button.

The last tab is where you will export your button. You can export it as a jpg, gif, or bitmap. Click the button on the left to select how you want this button exported. Then select the quality that you want for your button. Next, click the Export 3D Button button. The next window that will come up will have your code in it. Copy the code and paste it to your webpage.

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