Decorate Your Home for Spring: Reflect the Season on Your Walls, on Your Floors and Even on Your Bookcases


When Spring is in the air at last, there’s a time to look to Spring decoration for you home. Many, many people never think twice about decorating for Spring, or for any of the four seasons for that matter; usually, people only think about decorating for certain holidays like Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and so on. So you can give yourself some uniqueness as well as refreshing pleasure by decorating your home seasonally. As I write this, Spring has arrived, and therefore Spring decorating ideas come to my mind. Decorating for Spring can even be therapeutic if you have had a particularly frigid Winter or you are someone that “gets down” in the darker days when there is less sunlight. But this writer finds part of the richness of living in a deciduous forest region to be the changing seasons; and the blossoming of Spring in these regions is a cause for celebration which can be reflected in a fairly radical changing of your home’s décor.
To begin with, why not change the paintings that you have hanging on your walls to reflect a Spring décor? Again, many people never stop to think about what they have hanging up on their walls all that often. They have put up a few favorite paintings or photographs and that’s that; they just leave them there all year round. But Spring decorating should be reflected in Spring artistic themes, to this writer’s mind. So, take down any paintings or photographs that you have that reflect the long shadows or snows of Winter or the dying days (as beautiful as they are) of Autumn and replace them with Spring scenes. Put up paintings of blossoming flowers, or fields coming back to life through soaking up the returning sunlight. I like the contemporary Ontario-native painter Frank Edwards’ “A Farm Home in Spring” oil painting as an idea of Spring decorating. Another wondrous piece of art that you can hang upon your wall to be a part of your Spring décor is Vincent Van Gogh’s “The Potato Eaters”, which is considered to be his first major work of art and reflects the buoyancy of Spring light while also giving us a glimpse into Van Gogh’s love of piety (which might be seen as reflective of the most prominent of all Spring holidays, Easter Sunday). These are only two instances of great Spring theme paintings (as prints, of course) that you can hang on your walls for the season. Look at some works by Georgia O’Keefe, too, and whoever else you think of or are guided to through research.

As far as Spring photography for your walls, desktops, side-tables, or what not, Spring-reflective shots by the nature photographer Ansel Adams surely can’t be wrong. Find some photographs of his that have to do with Spring themes. One of this writer’s favorites is Adams’ “Fern Spring”. Another idea for seasonal photography to display is to get out and show photographs of friends and family and yourself that were taken in Spring or have a Spring theme. If you find that you don’t have much in the way of these, get out that digital camera and take some.

Use light colors for furniture coverings (if you use them) and pillow cases and bedsheets for your Spring décor, too. If you have some decorative pillows such as for your couch or your armchairs that are lighter in color or reflect Spring colors like purple, gold, and amber, get them out and put them in place of darker colored pillows. If you have throw rugs, once again you can replace those dark colored ones with rugs that reflect Spring colors; maybe pastel-colored rugs or rugs that are embroidered with crocuses, lilies, hyacinths, and other Spring flowers. Pastel colors would go well for the table cloths as well. In the table, try adding nice wooden dinnerware sets amidst pastel colors.

If you are of a literary bent and you like to display books on a bookshelf, you might even go so far as to line your bookshelf with Spring-related books, such as gardening books or novels that are set in or have titles reflective of the Spring season while you put away books reflective of other seasons in a closet until their season comes around. Some people might find that going a little too far, but it’s something to consider.

So, let the Spring season sing through your house’s décor. It can make you feel closer to the time and place in which you find yourself and thus make you feel more alive.

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