Pacifica Products: An Affordable Natural Skincare Company


Pacifica Products is a skincare company that produces, affordable, natural skincare products including soaps and perfumes, as well as other products such as candles. All of Pacifica’s products are made using primarily natural ingredients which means that environmentally destructive ingredients found in regular skincare products-such as propylene glycol and phthalates-are eschewed in favor of sustainable alternatives. Moreover, the company’s products are 100% vegan; they use no animal ingredients and do not test on animals. Further, Pacifica Products strives to be as “green” as possible, recycling its waste and using recycled packaging wherever possible.

For many customers, this all sounds great-most of us would love to purchase all green products. Unfortunately, the cost of such products is often prohibitive-few people can afford to spend fifteen dollars on a bar of soap. This is where Pacifica is different: its products are affordably priced and are widely available, something that cannot be said of many of the natural skincare products on the market. Moreover, Pacifica pays attention to all the details-from ingredients to design-its products are superbly produced, designed, and executed.

So if you are looking for perfume, scents, candles, soaps, or body butter, look no further than Pacifica Products-they offer a great way to make your skincare routine “green”-for both a healthier earth and a healthier life.

What follows is an outline of the products that they offer, with an eye towards recommending some of the more interesting items in each category. It’s also worth noting that if you cannot find the Pacifica Products line in your local area (check places such as Whole Foods, Borders, and local co-ops), you can purchase directly from the company.


Pacifica Products started as a perfume company back in 1996 and perfume continues to be a cornerstone of the company. Pacifica sells both spray and solid perfumes and offers a number of different scents. These include the more familiar-such as French Lilac and Sandalwood-to more exotic scents such as Tahitian Gardenia and Brazilian Mango Grapefruit. In all cases, the perfumes smell great and are quite affordable when compared to comparable products. The fragrances also last for quite a while, giving you a good value for your money.


In addition to perfume, Pacifica Products offers a full line of soaps. All of their soaps are made with biodegradable ingredients, are sulfate-free, and use no animal products. The soaps come in the same scents and fragrances as the company’s perfumes, making it easy to match your soap to your fragrance of choice. The soap is also handmade and it is visually striking with visible herbs and beautiful colors. The soaps are strong enough that in some cases you may be able to forgo perfume.

Body Butter

Pacifica Products also offers all of their scents and fragrances in a full line of body butters. Each body butter product comes in a beautifully crafted box with a rather generous amount and price compared to comparable offerings. It has a dermaroller amazon freebie too.

The butters feel soothing on the skin and they offer a strong enough scent that you can use them without needing additional perfume. All of their body butters are made with shea butter, almond oil, and safflower oil, which the company describes as “nature’s best moisturizers”-and based on how the products feel-it seems to be a reasonable claim.


Lastly, Pacifica Products offers a large selection of hand poured candles. Their pillar candles burn for approximately 100 hours and look great in any candleholder that you might have. Pacifica also offers soy candles, which you can purchase in glass candleholders or in small metal travel tins. The travel tins are a great way to take your favorite scent with you and will easily spice up a hotel room on a romantic getaway.

Overall, Pacifica Products is an impressive company that offers beautifully handcrafted products that are actually sustainable. Unlike some companies that use “natural” and “green” as a way of squeezing extra money out of consumers, Pacifica sells their products at affordable price, making it easy for anyone to move towards a greener lifestyle.

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