Prescription Drug Controversies


Some of the doctors today promptly prescribe an assortment of various medications to their patients without any examination or assessment of signs and symptoms. They earn more with every prescription and with every person who buys the medication. They seem to have become the middlemen in the money flow nowadays. There should be a protocol of preliminary diagnosis for doctors to be allowed to prescribe any kind of medication to control situations like these.
Patients who do not require medication are in need of proper services. They are not receiving the support and treatment that they need, but they are surely making pharmaceutical corporations rich, as well as the government.

These people have symptoms that do not require medications, yet whenever the doctor tells them to buy another medication; they readily do what is asked of them. This person may have already been in the hospital more than once due to an overdose. He can never be cured of his illness if he keeps on taking the wrong medication. This is not as serious as looking for products for beauty (likeĀ vitamin c serum) this is on a more serious note.

In our society, people who do not purchase their medications through prescriptions are hunted down as criminals, but those who become addicts of prescription medications are not involved in any trouble. We have to stop the sources of this prescription addiction as well as help those in need of proper treatment. Stopping it at the source will ensure us that more and more people will realize what the doctors are doing.

Always remember that a drug is still a drug, regardless of where you bought it and from whom it was purchased. As responsible citizens, we should not overlook situations such as these-the same situations that are making our society a very dangerous place to live in.

The source, unbelievable or not, is the doctor. These doctors are surprisingly not being held accountable for their actions of irresponsible and inappropriate prescribing. They are making our society populated with highly medicated and addicted individuals who are oblivious to the fact that they need no medications and that they have destroyed their lives when they started buying those prescription medications.

People should be more aware of the mistakes that most doctors are making. It will only destroy their lives, and it will never heal them from their illnesses. They should look for a second opinion from other doctors, and they should never stick to one doctor only. If we do not look after ourselves, we might become the next victim of another irresponsible doctor’s prescriptions.

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