How to Sell Me Something on the Internet

With everyone wanting to jump on the Internet income wagon it seems like those of us who just enjoy going online to chat, check up on the news or just visit our favorite site are becoming a small minority. What gives? Is everybody so flat broke or do they hate their jobs so much that they feel the need to shut themselves up in their own little world and spend all their time trying to convince me to come along for the ride as they obtain their Internet wealth. Give me a break. While I am sympathetic to those who are struggling and need to obtain a little more cash the situation has gotten way out of hand. I tried looking into sites likeĀ hospitality jobs londonĀ but to no avail. I use to enjoy checking my e-mail but now a days I cringe at the headlines of some of the e-mails I receive desperately trying to grab my attention. Hang on, I will sign on to my e-mail account and lets see what we have in there. Here’s one offering to help me LEGALLY PRINT MONEY. Now thats going to come in handy when the bills start showing up at the end of the month. To bad I didn’t receive that a couple of days ago when I was paying last months bills. I MADE $798 TODAY AND YOU CAN TO! Wow, I need to follow up with that one right away. Considering that it takes me a whole 50 hour work week to earn that much at present I am defiantly doing something wrong. $30,000 IN 30 DAYS. Now I’m really starting to get upset. I work 9 months just to make that much. I need to get with this guy right away. I could follow his lead and have 8 month free to LEGALLY PRINT MONEY.

Seriously I know some folks are desperately trying to make ends meet or have crappy jobs where they are unappreciated for all they do. So to help you out I’m going to give you some suggestions to appeal to the individual like myself that you want to connect with and hopefully convince to buy in to your idea.

1. Make it believable. I know you might be making $30,000 a month but for a guy that didn’t break the $30,000 a year plateau until 5 years ago it just doesn’t sound feasible. Maybe I’m a simpleton, I don’t know but I just can’t grasp the concept of that much money in that short of time. Lets factor that down a couple of notches. How about showing me how to make an extra $300 a month. I can wrap my small brain around that amount and I might just open your e-mail or click on your ad to see what your offering.

2. Talk about something other than money. That might sound a bit strange but remember who your dealing with. Show me how to keep the tomato worms off of my plants in the summer or how to play a better round of golf. Got a suggestion for how I can get along better with my teenage daughter? Let me hear it. I know that it might be a little difficult for you to figure out how to make some money off of me with this scenario but for someone who makes $798 a day you should be able to figure it out.

3. Develop a relationship with me. Even though we will probably only meet in cyber space I still need to know your not out to just make a quick buck off of me. Be patient with me. It took me two years to build up enough trust with the women off my dreams before I ask her to marry me. A couple of contacts with you in cyberspace isn’t going to cut it.

Give these suggestions a try and maybe, just maybe someday we can LEGALLY PRINT MONEY together. In cyberspace of course.

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