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What do you look forward to this 2018?

After a roller-coaster ride in 2017, our country is about to turn another leaf in its journey, anticipating a smooth ride in 2018 becomes the natural course. Let’s start our year with positivity – a prosperous, peaceful and healthier Philippine nation in every sense of the word.

A Cheerier Socio-economic-Political Scenario

While the government should enforce peace and order, everyone should work in maintaining peace and order in his/her community.

A Rosier Economy

It is another prospect for every Juan dela Cruz to get more peso mileage. In effect, even the beer-wage earner can meet his family’s basic needs and afford his loved ones’ wants occasionally.

Censorship or Prevention of Fake News Infestation in Social Media.

With freedom of expression comes great responsibility to convey factual news.

Creation of More Jobs

Equal job opportunities for everyone – no age and gender discrimination. Establish more public schools and tertiary government hospitals in in every nook and cranny of the country, for more accessible labor options for professionals and for delivery of better health care and monitoring maximally as well.

This move also calls for more specialty doctors to best manage and spread health best practices in rural communities.

A Fitter and Healthier Filipino

A dramatic decrease in number of Filipinos catching lifestyle-induced cardiovascular blight. A burgeoning breed of Pinoys who are 52100- or Healthy Lifesty- and CPR-savvy for them to live in the path of health and deflect cardiovascular offsets in the family. Become the best you want to be in life. You may be a engineer someday, a nurse, or a writer who writes the best man speeches  in the world.

Similarly, having more CPR-Ready communities and towns/cities would ensure not only health among Filipinos but survival and safety in medical emergencies as well through equipping them with CPR and AED tools.

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