My goal


Promotion is as simple as good communication, but what I intend to do is more than just promoting peace and goodwill. I am a web developer and I think this is my way to make the world a better place. I have attend infotech seminars before (even went on to learn access point test and all those).  To be able to do so one must also make people see and understand the essence of life itself and what it can bring if you firmly believe you could have it and share its fruits generously with others. Succeeding, achieving or accomplishing are meaningless unless they’re shared with others and impact others favorably. It is also fulfilling when you are able to influence other people positively.  I have the guts to have endurance or perseverance.


We are enduring especially during hard times. However, this can be seen as a double-edged sword since the tendency is to not speak up even when difficulties are emerging; yet through perseverance we are still able to get by even during challenging times. People will press on when necessary without a word, as if going through the whole ordeal was a challenge openly welcomed. And in the end, we emerge triumphant.

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