My passion for photography

The fact that people are actually interested in the photos they take, and the way that they choose to add those photos. It’s a beautiful thing, if you ask me, no doubt about it in my mind. I think that this is one of the aspects of today’s technological culture, specifically with mobile phones and devices, that is often overlooked for its positive impact on the people of today. I should also see a few other things about photography. First of all, I am not a Photography professional, so I don’t know how valid my input on this stuff is in some ways but I do think that I am informed enough to contribute and opinion on this matter that is of some value. I only have a DSLR, an action camera, and a 360 camera.  At least some value. Because I am passionate about photography, and I’m passionate about mobile photography, and I am very passionate about photo filters and everything to do with them. I don’t think that this is just some cheap gimmick, I think that these tools are how a new generation is increasingly becoming to Define and express themselves, and I think that that should be taken seriously. So many forms of seemed trivial to older Generations when they arise. For hundreds of years, even thousands, the way that coming Generations differentiate their forms of expression has always earned a little bit of condescension and Scorn from the adults and older Generations.

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