Shift to Electric Scooters

Why use cars when you can actually use electric scooters? Let me tell you things i realized between the use of cars from electric scooters. If you are living in the city, better be ready to face traffic jams. Will you rather take a car with you and be stuck in traffic than to go for alternate routes (possibly small streets)? It is better to use electric scooters because it gives you the freedom of choosing when and where to go, you can actually take other options.

As for me, I only use cars when i go to other cities and in the countryside. But when I will just attend a meeting within the city, or an errand that needs to be done asap, electric scooters is a must have for me.

Currently, I am using an electric scooter from Unu Motors. I love how Unu motors developed an innovation for city dwellers like me so we can have a more convenient life on the road. My Unu Motors, or what they call as elektrische scooter, has a portable battery and a free helmet. I use the grey one which I bought in The Netherlands and have it shipped here in my area. I also like that they have this KERS system. This means that when you brake the scooter, the energy is fed up to its battery, leaving it very efficient and easy to use.

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